Accommodation for 3 unrelated students

Scott’s Relocation Temporary Accommodation Case Study

The brief

We were asked by company with international facilities to find accommodation for three students who were coming to Scotland for a six month secondment at the Fife plant.  The client asked us to find one property that the three students could share.

What Scott’s Relocation did

Our up to date knowledge of the property market meant that we were able to make this employer aware of the House of Multiple Occupancy legislation introduced by the Civic Government Scotland Act 1982 ( Licencing of Houses of Multiple Occupation) Order 2000, which now bans 3 or more un-related occupants sharing the same residence.  We were then able to offer the employer a number of alternative solutions including the one they chose, which was two separate two bedroom apartments very close to each other which solved the transport and socialising issues. The students were also delighted since one of the apartments had a billiards table in the garage!

If you have staff or students that you need to move to Scotland we can help.  Our relocation advisory package is for those moving to Scotland on a budget and the employee relocation package is more suitable for relocating employees on a longer term basis.  Request a call back and let’s see how we can help.