UK ancestry visa application

Scott’s Relocation ancestry visa case study

The brief

We were approached by Iain Brown from Queensland Australia who was enquiring about sending his 17 year old son and friend over to Scotland for a year to experience a difference culture , education and sporting opportunities. Both students would have UK ancestry visas.

What Scott’s Relocation did

Iain’s request posed a particular challenge because both students were under 18 when their placement began. We found them accommodation in the student area of Edinburgh, the boys having decided that that they would rather have their own house rather than a HMO (house of multiple occupancy). We also established the sports they wanted to pursue and found them a suitable rugby and swimming club and involved them in coaching junior teams as well as playing. Fortunately we had registered them with local doctors because one of the boys suffered a serious injury to his hand within days of arrival. Scott’s were on hand (no pun intended) to take the student to the hospital and go with him on subsequent follow up and specialist visits, all the time reporting back to his parents in Australia.

The client says” “Scott’s Relocation, and in particular Colin have been an invaluable asset in ensuring my son and his friend have had and enjoyable and hospitable stay in Scotland. They have acted not only as relocation experts but as friends, confidants to both the boys and of course the ever anxious parents sitting on the other side of the world – especially when one of them experiences a serious injury to their hand, Colin’s updates and control of information enabled us to make informed decisions about the next plan of treatment without attending in person. The accommodation, location, is exactly as described and exactly what the boys required and was ready, including a starter pack of food to see them through the first couple of days –I will certainly be recommending Scott’s to both friends and colleges.”  Iain Brown

International player clearance required for rugby player

Scott’s Relocation rugby player case study

The brief

We were approached by Stewart’s Melville FP RFC, a rugby football club in Edinburgh, who were bringing a rugby player over from New Zealand on a season long loan, 9 months. The club and player were required to have working visas and international player clearance. The player was also bringing his partner with him, who in addition to requiring a working visa, also required employment from day 1.

What Scott’s Relocation did

Given our knowledge of sport and visa requirements we were able to advise on the differences between a sports persons visa and a working visa. We also found suitable accommodation that would allow both the player and his partner easy access to the city centre and gymnasiums. We then ensure that the accommodation and leases were in place for their arrival and conducted over a couple of days an orientation tour of Edinburgh and the surrounding areas as well as the applicable registrations with doctors and dentists.

We also found the player’s partner some low level work until she was able to transfer her employment from New Zealand to the UK.

The client says “I have found Scott’s Re-location to be very professional & friendly – we have made life long friends with Colin and his team, literally all we had to do was ask and it would be acted upon immediately including phone calls during the night GMT prior to departure.  If any sports person is thinking of relocating to Scotland, Scott’s Relocation should be their first port of call for an honest assessment of  your needs and requirements-”  Reece O’leary

Single female executive moves from Edinburgh to Mumbai

Scott’s Relocation female executive moving to Mumbai case study

The brief

We were asked to brief a single female executive, based in the banking industry, and who was moving to Mumbai India on a 6 month secondment.

What Scott’s Relocation did

Maggie conducted a half day briefing with the employee, at the client’s office. The briefing looked at Indian culture, how it differs from British culture and how this can cause misunderstandings and a failure to communicate effectively, affecting job performance. We also looked at wider issues about living and working abroad, especially as a single woman on the Asian sub continent.  By the end of the briefing the employee felt confident that she had acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to perform her job effectively in a different cultural environment. She had a successful stay in Mumbai and was able to help her colleagues to understand the Indian way of conducting business on her return.

Moving from Louisiana to Edinburgh

Scott’s Relocation family move from USA case study

The Brief

We were asked to relocate a family with a young child from Louisiana, USA to Edinburgh, Scotland. The husband was undertaking a high level job in Edinburgh and required cross cultural training to maximize his effectiveness in his dealings with colleagues and clients.

What Scott’s Relocation did

We sourced properties and nurseries and made sure the family was settled quickly in to a house they loved.   We also focused on cross cultural training and Maggie conducted a 3 hour briefing in the client’s home, which enabled him to see the differences between the way he worked in the American South and the way he should conduct business in Scotland. We paid particular attention to communication issues. We also discussed more general cultural and practical differences, including how his wife could settle more quickly and adapt to her new life (and new career) in Edinburgh.

If you are moving to Scotland we offer relocation packages to help.  The executive relocation service offers a premium level of personal service.  The employee relocation package is suitable for relocating employees on a long term basis while the relocation advisory package is aimed at those moving to Scotland on a budget.  We have been moving individuals and professionals and their families to Scotland for over 25 years, request a call back and let us help you too.

Accommodation for 3 unrelated students

Scott’s Relocation Temporary Accommodation Case Study

The brief

We were asked by company with international facilities to find accommodation for three students who were coming to Scotland for a six month secondment at the Fife plant.  The client asked us to find one property that the three students could share.

What Scott’s Relocation did

Our up to date knowledge of the property market meant that we were able to make this employer aware of the House of Multiple Occupancy legislation introduced by the Civic Government Scotland Act 1982 ( Licencing of Houses of Multiple Occupation) Order 2000, which now bans 3 or more un-related occupants sharing the same residence.  We were then able to offer the employer a number of alternative solutions including the one they chose, which was two separate two bedroom apartments very close to each other which solved the transport and socialising issues. The students were also delighted since one of the apartments had a billiards table in the garage!

If you have staff or students that you need to move to Scotland we can help.  Our relocation advisory package is for those moving to Scotland on a budget and the employee relocation package is more suitable for relocating employees on a longer term basis.  Request a call back and let’s see how we can help.

Singapore to Scotland with minimum education disruption

Scott’s Relocation Schools & Education Advice Case Study

The brief

We were approached by a longstanding client who was managing the relocation of  a key employee from Singapore to Edinburgh.  The client employer was desperately keen to relocate this employee but the employee was nervous about moving from Singapore since he insisted on finding a school where his two teenage children (aged 17 and 14) could continue their education with minimal disruption.  The employer had suggested 2 schools but in both cases the education system offered to the employee’s children was very unsuitable for their needs.

What Scott’s Relocation did

Given our knowledge of the education system we immediately knew the education system that the children would be following and were able to suggest 2 excellent private schools located in Edinburgh that followed the same ‘A’ Level curriculum the employee’s children were currently following.

Liz liaised with the employee’s family and the schools in order to set up interviews at both schools.  The family subsequently choose one where the children were successfully placed and continue to flourish.

The client saysI have found Scott’s Re-location to be very professional & friendly – great at keeping me updated  – No task to big or to small – would definitely use them again.”  Joan Lawlor, Office Manager, FMC Technologies.

We have been moving executives and their families to Scotland for over 25 years and have in place an executive relocation service with a premium level of personal service.  We also provide an employee relocation package suitable for relocating employees on a long term basis and a relocation advisory package aimed at those moving to Scotland on a budget.  If you would like more information place request a call back and we’ll do what we can to help you too.

Unfurnished modern apartment required in city centre

Scott’s Relocation home search case study

The brief

We were asked to help a couple moving from the US to Edinburgh find a stylish, unfurnished modern apartment within 5 minutes walk of the city centre.  Given that 90% of city centre accommodation in Edinburgh are old traditional tenements this was quite a challenge.

What Scott’s Relocation did

We made contact with our network of estate agents to gather information on suitable available properties, and also got in touch with our “off market”  contacts looking for properties not yet available on the open market.  We then devised a personalised action plan including orientation tours to help the couple identify priority locations

We arranged viewings for 8 ‘hand picked’ properties in the clients’ preferred locations.  While this was happening Liz received a call from one of her contacts about a brand new contemporary property just 5 minutes walk from the assignee’s work place.  We included this property in the clients’ itinerary and, to our delight, they immediately fell in love with the property.

Liz then secured the lease, carried out the snagging and ensured that all of the work was completed before the couple’s arrival, made sure that the walked into a warm and welcoming new home.

The clients says ““I do want you and Maggie to know how impressed Matt and I are with Scott’s Relocation’s services. You both really took our needs, tastes and personalities into account and the end result was the perfect flat in an area that really suits us.

The orientation to the city was so useful and really helped me get my bearings here. You guys are hard working, professional and super-accessible. And we appreciate the fact that your services didn’t end once we moved in. The ex-pat get togethers are thoughtful and fun – thanks for continuing to reach out”

If you are moving to Scotland we offer a number of relocation packages to help.  We have an executive relocation service offering a premium level of personal service, an employee relocation package suitable for relocating on a long term basis and a relocation advisory package aimed at those moving to Scotland on a budget.  We have been moving individuals and professionals and their families to Scotland for over 25 years, request a call back and let us help you too.

Joan Lawlor, Office Manager

I have found Scott’s Re-location to be very professional & friendly – great at keeping me updated – No task too big or too small – would definitely use them again.
Joan Lawlor, Office Manager, FMC Technologies

Peter Lucas, Human Resources Director

“We have worked with Scott’s Relocation for a number of years and Liz provides a consistent, helpful and responsive service.  We are happy to entrust our international and national assignees into the care of Liz, as if an extension to our organization, and help to settle-in those assignees into their new environment as painlessly and smoothly as possible”.   

Peter Lucas, Human Resources Director, FMC Technologies

Andy Reinders

“We moved to Edinburgh as expats in October 2009. Two months prior to that, we visited for a week to find ourselves a home.

Liz Potter of Scott’s Relocation helped us with this task in a remarkable way. We were hugely impressed by her willingness, friendliness and very effective service.  Nothing was too much trouble, and there was much ‘to-ing and fro-ing’ between estate agents, and a large number of apartments. Liz kindly arranged between the different estate agents to have keys readily available for her to collect for the many viewings.  She fetched us from the hotel every day and showed us around various different areas, so we got a good idea pretty quickly of where we decided we wanted to be.

I asked her for some information on charity work in Edinburgh, which I was interested in, and she furnished me with some information very promptly, after we had left.

Thank you Liz for all your help in finding us a home, and for answering our many questions regarding different aspects of life in the Edinburgh.

I would highly recommend Scott’s Relocation to anyone making a move to live in Edinburgh.

Andy Reinders, Heineken