Madeline Kemna

“Liz’s dedication and perseverance helped us with our search for a house which had to meet quite a complicated set of requirements. We succeeded because Liz’s network helped us find properties that might not (yet) appear on the market.”

Madeline Kemna, Vion Food Group

Deepa Balram

“Scott’s Relocation has done a wonderful job of finding us a house well suited to our requirement. Our contact with Scott’s Relocation has continued even after that, thanks to Liz’s genuine interest and effort in making us feel well settled. The coffee morning group started by her is a fantastic way for us newcomers to meet. Moving to a new country can be stressful and daunting and Liz totally understands that and is constantly thinking of new ideas to keep us feeling welcomed and connected. She is indeed our first friend in Edinburgh”

Deepa Balram, RBS

Arun Kumar Gupta, Global Planning

Thanks for your help Liz, like always you have been pro-active and really helpful. I know that my relocation to Edinburgh would have been much more difficult without your help. Your experience, knowledge and grasp on your craft is complete. You are my guardian in Edinburgh and I know that I and my family can approach you for our comfortable stay here. Your professionalism and charm really helps.”

Arun Kumar Gupta, Global Planning, HSBC

Relocation services – the advantages offered by Scotts

5 reasons to use a relocation service

We save you time by providing an efficient service that keeps your employee focused on your business while we handle their relocation.

1. Our pre departure briefings are used to ensure second stage interviewees candidates understand the implications of relocating.  This weeds out candidates who would ultimately decide that relocation is not for them.

2. We manage expectations and help to sell Scotland as a place to live, attracting the best candidates for your business.

3. Control relocation costs and increase the changes of the relocation being successful since we help your employee settle into the right property in the right location with good schools.

4. Ability to impress potential employees in a competitive market with our personalised approach to settling their spouse and family in their new location.

5. Assurance that the assignee will remain focused on your business during the relocation process because we provide hands on help with essentials such as utilities, setting up bank accounts and registering with dentists and doctors.