UK ancestry visa application

Scott’s Relocation ancestry visa case study

The brief

We were approached by Iain Brown from Queensland Australia who was enquiring about sending his 17 year old son and friend over to Scotland for a year to experience a difference culture , education and sporting opportunities. Both students would have UK ancestry visas.

What Scott’s Relocation did

Iain’s request posed a particular challenge because both students were under 18 when their placement began. We found them accommodation in the student area of Edinburgh, the boys having decided that that they would rather have their own house rather than a HMO (house of multiple occupancy). We also established the sports they wanted to pursue and found them a suitable rugby and swimming club and involved them in coaching junior teams as well as playing. Fortunately we had registered them with local doctors because one of the boys suffered a serious injury to his hand within days of arrival. Scott’s were on hand (no pun intended) to take the student to the hospital and go with him on subsequent follow up and specialist visits, all the time reporting back to his parents in Australia.

The client says” “Scott’s Relocation, and in particular Colin have been an invaluable asset in ensuring my son and his friend have had and enjoyable and hospitable stay in Scotland. They have acted not only as relocation experts but as friends, confidants to both the boys and of course the ever anxious parents sitting on the other side of the world – especially when one of them experiences a serious injury to their hand, Colin’s updates and control of information enabled us to make informed decisions about the next plan of treatment without attending in person. The accommodation, location, is exactly as described and exactly what the boys required and was ready, including a starter pack of food to see them through the first couple of days –I will certainly be recommending Scott’s to both friends and colleges.”  Iain Brown